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                                                                                          Moreover, our products like Mul Shanti Samagri, Hawan Samidha, Hawan Dhuna, Ranogli Box, Sampurn Pujan Samagri, Kumkum, Roli, Sindur, Mehandi, Sarv Aushadi, Kamal Gatta, Nagarmotha, Chhad Chabila, Kapur Kanchari, Jatamasi, Giloy, Butch, Nagkesar, Agar, Tagar, Red Sindur, Kala Sindur, Hawan Samagri, Shamipatra, Guggal, Cow Dung, Shanker Bhasmi, Jain Sadhu Vakshep, etc., are demanded from all over the place owing to their high-end worth on the basis of trust and immaculate standardization. In fact, the world's no.1 fast colour moli has been innovated by us. The offered products are available in the market under the brand Action & Action Boss Brand. We are known in the market for our genuine and original quality Nazar Niwarak Dhuni, Abhrak, Gulal, Vaidik Mitti, for Hawan, Multani Mitti, Gopi Chandan, Dhoop. Abeer, Chandan Kesar, Red Chandan Powder, Chandan Powder(Sandle Wood Powder), Ashtgandh, Chandan Tika, Ashtgandh Tika, Balaji Liquid Sindur, Jain Chandan Kesar Tika, Deepawali Pooja Box, Pooja Box. We serve our customers through a wide business network of 4000 dealers in present market.

                                                                                          We have been moving ahead on the way of glory though our smart work procedure. Meanwhile, we have established wide business network which aid us to undertake every complex assignment without any kind of interruption. Further, we make sure to deliver bulk order of consignments in stipulated time period to stand on the expectations of our clients. Our strong steps towards packaging, keeps our Nav Grah Samidha, Ark Samidha, Plas Samidha, Kher Samidha, Appamarg Samidha, Pipal Samidha, Udamber Samidha, Shami Samidha, Kusha Samidha, Durwa Samidha, Vivah Kit/Shadi Kit, Cow Dung, Mul Shanti Samagri, Hawan Samidha, Hawan Dhuna, Ranogli Box, Sampurn Pujan Samagri, safe and secure from outer impurities. We understand our clients in a better way and resolve their queries in an economical, ethical and transparent way.

                                                                                          Action Group of companies established on 26 Aug 1978, and in year 2006 Group expanded their business in the additional field of manufacturing of Moli & Pujan products like Puja Samagri, Puja Hawan Samagri, Vedic Hawan Samagri, etc with wide range in the market. Earlier most of the products were manufactured by unorganized section but due to our initiation & innovation we turned to the  Market & Develop Brand Market.

                                                                                          We are in Leadership due to Innovation & Quality with Priority.

                                                                                          Quality Analysis

                                                                                          With years and years of experience, we have been able to undertake every assigned job with perfection. As a quality oriented company, our each work procedure is matched with international quality standards. Our products such as Moli Cone, Pooja Moli Cone,Pooja Soot, Dulha -Dulhan Kankan Dora and Decorative Moli are made of pure components which provides them a long productive life. Moreover, we check these products at various level of production process to assure their authenticity and resilience to compete in the market place.

                                                                                          Product Range

                                                                                          Moli and Other Related Products

                                                                                          Satrangi Moli

                                                                                          Mangal Kalash Moli

                                                                                          Bandan Wall

                                                                                          Marwadi Moli


                                                                                          Moli Aasan

                                                                                          Car Decorative Moli

                                                                                          Moli Bracelet

                                                                                          Decorative Moli

                                                                                          Moli Cone


                                                                                          Moli Kankan Dora

                                                                                          Dulha -Dulhan Kankan Dora


                                                                                          Pooja Moli Cone

                                                                                          Nada Chhadi

                                                                                          Friendship Band

                                                                                          Pachrangi Moli


                                                                                          Pandit Janeu

                                                                                          Go Mutra

                                                                                          Pooja Jyot Watt

                                                                                          Gopi Chandan

                                                                                          Pooja Moli

                                                                                          Gota Moli

                                                                                          Pooja Soot


                                                                                          Rajasthani Moli

                                                                                          Var Mala

                                                                                          Kankan Dora

                                                                                          Wedding Moli

                                                                                          Zari Moli

                                                                                          Wrist Band

                                                                                          In addition, we also deal in following products:

                                                                                          • Scared Thread
                                                                                          • Holy Thread
                                                                                          • Puja Soot
                                                                                          • Satrangi Moli
                                                                                          • Rajasthani Moli
                                                                                          • Marwari Moli
                                                                                          • Janeau, Yagopvit
                                                                                          • Akhand Jyot
                                                                                          • Mangal Kalash
                                                                                          • Decorative Moli
                                                                                          • Kankan Dora
                                                                                          • Gangajal
                                                                                          • Gaumutra
                                                                                          • Holy Water
                                                                                          • 27 Kue Ka Pani
                                                                                          • 9 Kue Ka Pani
                                                                                          • Gulabjal
                                                                                          • Kewada Jal
                                                                                          • Jasmine Oil
                                                                                          • Rangoli
                                                                                          • Ghee Ka Deepak
                                                                                          • Rui with Moli
                                                                                          • Jyot Batti
                                                                                          • Nav Grah Samidha
                                                                                          • Ark Samidha
                                                                                          • Plas Samidha
                                                                                          • Kher Samidha
                                                                                          • Appamarg Samidha
                                                                                          • Pipal Samidha
                                                                                          • Udamber Samidha
                                                                                          • Shami Samidha
                                                                                          • Kusha Samidha
                                                                                          • Durwa Samidha
                                                                                          • Vivah Kit/Shadi Kit
                                                                                          • Cow Dung
                                                                                          • Mul Shanti Samagri
                                                                                          • Hawan Samidha
                                                                                          • Hawan Dhuna
                                                                                          • Ranogli Box
                                                                                          • Sampurn Pujan Samagri
                                                                                          • Kumkum
                                                                                          • Roli
                                                                                          • Sindur
                                                                                          • Mehandi
                                                                                          • Sarv Aushadi
                                                                                          • Kamal Gatta
                                                                                          • Nagarmotha
                                                                                          • Chhad Chabila
                                                                                          • Kapur Kanchari
                                                                                          • Jatamasi
                                                                                          • Giloy
                                                                                          • Butch
                                                                                          • Nagkesar
                                                                                          • Agar
                                                                                          • Tagar
                                                                                          • Red Sindur
                                                                                          • Kala Sindur
                                                                                          • Hawan Samagri
                                                                                          • Shamipatra
                                                                                          • Guggal
                                                                                          • Shanker Bhasmi
                                                                                          • Jain Sadhu Vakshep
                                                                                          • Nazar Niwarak Dhuni
                                                                                          • Abhrak
                                                                                          • Gulal
                                                                                          • Vaidik Mitti for Hawan
                                                                                          • Multani Mitti
                                                                                          • Gopi Chandan
                                                                                          • Dhoop
                                                                                          • Abeer
                                                                                          • Chandan Kesar
                                                                                          • Red Chandan Powder
                                                                                          • Chandan Powder (Sandle Wood Powder)
                                                                                          • Ashtgandh
                                                                                          • Chandan Tika
                                                                                          • Ashtgandh Tika
                                                                                          • Balaji Liquid Sindur
                                                                                          • Jain Chandan Kesar Tika
                                                                                          • Deepawali Pooja Box
                                                                                          • Pooja Box
                                                                                          • Vedic Hawan Samagri
                                                                                          • Sampoorn Poojan Samgari Box
                                                                                          • Gangal Jal
                                                                                          • Gou Mutra
                                                                                          • Sarpmritika
                                                                                          • Vedic Mitti
                                                                                          • Gajmritika
                                                                                          • Sindur
                                                                                          • Kum Kum
                                                                                          • Pojja Rui
                                                                                          • Haldi
                                                                                          • Moong
                                                                                          • Gulabjal
                                                                                          • Elaichi
                                                                                          • Itar
                                                                                          • Akshat Chandan
                                                                                          • Agarbati
                                                                                          • Shahad
                                                                                          • Supari
                                                                                          • Kale Til
                                                                                          • Kapur
                                                                                          • Long
                                                                                          • Mangal Kalash

                                                                                          Our Team

                                                                                          We have laid our foundation under the roof of talented staff members, who forms the base of our organization. Our team is segregated to several department of production, quality, sales, warehousing, packaging, etc, according to their knowledge and understanding. Further, they carry their assigned job with responsibility and completes them result bound solutions. Most importantly, we arrange various management programs for them which helps them to stay updated with market trends and deliver according to its demand and need.

                                                                                          Why Us?
                                                                                          • Experience of more than 3 Decade
                                                                                          • Talented Staff Members
                                                                                          • Wide Business Network
                                                                                          • Ethical Business Standards
                                                                                          • Transparent Deals 

                                                                                          "We are mainly dealing only bulk orders."